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Kirk Lybecker is a nationally renown artist, instructor and author. He primarily works in watercolors often using an airbrush to enhance. 

"As a painter I can appreciate what an airbrush can do for my work. As a watercolorist I can really appreciate the difference an airbrush can make in the look and feel of my paintings. The Iwata Custom Micron is my first tool of choice. It uses a low air pressure to keep over spray to a minimum and precision at a maximum.

One of the things that I suggest is that using quality tools to start with will save you much more than money in the long run. It will save you time. This is the main reason that I use Iwata airbrushes. I donít like to spend time trying to get a brush to work. The other thing is that I donít like is to spend time cleaning up airbrushes. I appreciate the Custom Micron for that reason it is the tool that keeps me painting rather than cleaning.

I have also found that I very much like the Iwata Eclipse line of brushes. They are excellent for general work and though not as fine as the Custom Micron can do some fine detail. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.

I also use the Iwata RG-2 for backgrounds. The atomization is first rate for a big gun and has the complicity to evenly blend large areas. For a soft photographic background, I highly recommend the RG-2."



Kirk Lybecker ...watercolor paintings

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Portland, OR - born 1951 

B.F.A. Washburn University, 1973 Drawing and Sculpture
M.F.A. University of Idaho 1976 Drawing

University of Idaho: Portland Community College, Clark College.

Selected Shows:
One-person show of paintings Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay Or.1996
One-person show of paintings North Idaho College, Coeur díAlene Id. 1994
One-person show of paintings Plains Art Museum, Fargo N.D. 1991
One-person show of paintings Jacobs Gallery Hult Center, Eugene Or. 1990
One-person show of paintings Traveling Exhibition 1989-1991
One-person show of paintings Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte N.C. 1997
One-person show of paintings Gail Severn Gallery, Sun Valley Id. 1992
One-person show of paintings Margulies Taplin Gallery, Miami Fl. 1990
One-person show of paintings Cudahayís gallery New York, 1992

Visual Chronicle of the City of Portland
Airbrush Magazine Volume 3.4
New American Artists Spring 1996
American Artist Magazine September 1998

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