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Campbell's Soup (1).jpg (9172 bytes)
Campbell's “Art of Soup” Competition
First Place in the Professional Category
It was painted in 1996 by  Debbie Eastlack
Christy Mattis (1).jpg (3452 bytes)
Student art by Christy Mattis
Cloey Wilcox (1).jpg (2633 bytes)
Student art by Cloey Wilcox
Dan Simpson (1).jpg (3556 bytes)
Student art by Dan Simpson
Decisive Moment (1).jpg (2454 bytes)
Decisive Moment, 1997
by Debbie Eastlack
Laura Galiffe (1).jpg (6286 bytes)
Student Art by Laura Galiffe
This poster won a $1000 scholarship for Laura.
She is presently an illustration major at Moore College of Art.

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Airbrushing anything that moves!

Sleeping Angel (1).jpg (10549 bytes)
Sleeping Angel, 1996
by Debbie Eastlack
Marty (1).jpg (8612 bytes)
Marty, 1994
This was MY first airbrush painting!
by Debbie Eastlack
Cowboy with Heart (1).jpg (27702 bytes)
This is called "A Rookie Cowboy with Heart"
and was done in 1998
by Debbie Eastlack
Nicole Eichwald (1).jpg (21887 bytes)
Student Art by Nicole Eichwald
Montana Mountain Woman (1).jpg (20245 bytes)
This piece was done on Claybord as a demo last year at an Airbrush Action Getaway. It's called "Montana Mountain Woman," and was done from a reference photo lent to me by a professional photographer friend.  This was the first piece I had ever done on Claybord, and I love the surface!
- Debbie Eastlack